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Roof waterproofing

High quality waterproofing for the roof – a pledge of durability of any building. That is why laying waterproofing on the roof should do very carefully and using the best consumables, because that is it “takes” most of the precipitation. Whether you are going to repair the waterproofing of the roof or to protect the roof immediately after the construction of the building – such work must carry out strictly according to a certain technology. Roof waterproofing: necessary materials Depending on the type and its chemical composition, the materials for insulation divides into several types:

Hydro-barriers and anti-condensate films;

Polymeric membrane films;

Injection and penetration materials;

Coating and hydrophilic materials.

You should take into account  factors such as ease of application, curing rate (drying), durability of the insulation layer, resistance to external factors and the elasticity of the material that to properly buy waterproofing for the roof.

Modern waterproofing of the roof of the house we perform with the help of “liquid rubber”. Such a material is very easy to apply and durable, and its special structure and chemical composition make it possible to use “rubber” even in conditions of strong temperature differences.

Waterproofing of the roof with your own hands

The advantage of products from the brand Alchimica – simplicity and ease of use. It is enough to buy waterproofing for the roof (you should select the mastic based on the characteristics of the material and the surface of the roof), and then prepare the working composition and apply it.

“Liquid rubber” it applies using a conventional construction roller and polymerizes very quickly. Thus, we will have a reliable waterproofing of the roof, the price of which is low – moreover, the ready-made insulation layer does not require additional maintenance for many years!

The best waterproofing for the roof – the price is reduced! Waterproofing on the roof you can be supplement with bitumen (in the case of laying on a “fresh” roof) or use as a material to repair an old roof. If take place waterproofing of a concrete roof, it must treat with a primer (primer), since small cracks or irregularities of the concrete surface should be pressurized as much as possible.

Alchimica is a quality waterproofing for the roof, which you can buy at the best prices! Choose mastics you need right on the site – we guarantee a quality! Keys:

Liquid rubber,

Liquid waterproofing

Seamless coating

Liquid rubber waterproofing

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