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Waterproofing pools and tanks

Waterproofing pools and tanks

Today, the presence of a swimming pool in almost every entertainment complex, hotel or even a private house is quite a common phenomenon. While high quality waterproofing of these structures is not as common. Pools and water tanks are complex technical structures that require special attention to the quality of the material chosen, both for its waterproofing and for decorative finishing. Errors in the design and installation of the pool, violation of waterproofing technology, poor installation, all of these reasons can lead to such unpleasant consequences as water leaks, mold, and much more. With particular attention, you should treat to waterproofing the pool, if it is in the room. The installation of the HYPERDESMO system does not need special equipment, and the technical characteristics make it possible simultaneously to solve several problems: waterproofing and decorative.

The ALCHIMICA product range includes several HYPERDESMO systems for liquid waterproofing of tanks, the most optimal of which are two:

  1. Coating with HYPERDESMO-2K-W, which is a certified product according to the latest EU requirements for drinking water tanks. The application has done manually with the help of rollers (with the exception of foam rubber), Maklavitsa brushes or brushes. The life of the mastic after mixing the components is 30 minutes. The mastic it adds to the vertical surfaces in 2 layers with a consumption of 0.7 kg / m2 per layer, and the mastic is applied to the horizontal surfaces (tank floor) in 1 layer with a consumption of 1.4 kg / m2. The product is ideal for use in the field of waterproofing pools, as it is highly hydrophobic and resistant to hydrolysis. 
  2. Coating with classic mastic HYPERDESMO or HYPERDESMO-H.A.A. (with the addition of the accelerator) and the finish coating HYPERDESMO-D or HYPERDESMO-ADY (colorized). As a primer, we recommend to use AQUADUR epoxy undercoating, which ideally seals the concrete surface and prepares it for making the final paint. Liquid HYPERDESMO we apply in three layers with a total consumption of 1.5 … 2.0 kg / m2 on the sealed surface. To increase the operational reliability and resistance of the coating to aggressive substances, it is imperative to apply HYPERDESMO-D or HYPERDESMO-ADY in 2-3 layers with a total minimum flow rate of 300g / m2.

HYPERDESMO-ADY we can use with other mastic systems HYPERDESMO. Thanks to this material after its application, the membrane does not turn yellow from the action of UV light. It provides high resistance to UV light, and chemicals, too. 

For internal pool waterproofing, a two-component, solvent-free epoxy seamless coating based on epoxy resin EPOXY RESIN 51-POOL s an ideal product.  EPOXY RESIN 51 POOL epoxy paint provides water resistance and a decorative look of the pool, and excellent durability and resistance to UV light makes it ideal for outdoor pools.

Among other used materials for waterproofing swimming pools and tanks from the manufacturer ALCHIMICA, include the following: UNIVERSAL primer, HYPERSEAL-25LM gray, white, and HYPERSEAL-EXPERT-150 sealants, MICROSEALER-PU, Microsealer 50 and MICROSEALER-PU primers.

Many previously completed projects that still function today testify on the reliability and durability of structures with waterproofing liquid rubber HYPERDESMO. The materials of the ALCHIMICA plant people use for waterproofing Bessein in the Turkish residential and shopping complex “My World”. The ideal choice for the water park “Hidromasažni Bázen”, which is located in Croatia, was the ALCHIMICA pool system, which consists of EPOXY RESIN 51 POOL dye and AQUADUR primer.

Waterproofing pools and reservoirs is one of the most critical questions in the construction of the pool. Violation of one of the stages of waterproofing technology may lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of the use of the structure in the future. When planning the construction of the pool, we recommend that you seek advice to the professionals. 

waterproofing of pools, liquid waterproofing of tanks, mastic resistant to acid and alkali solutions, waterproofing with liquid rubber HYPERDESMO.

Protection and waterproofing of tile and stone

Protection and waterproofing of tile and stone

HYPERDESMO systems have proven to be more than 100 countries of the world as reliable, professional, correct and cost-effective waterproofing for various areas. HYPERDESMO systems have proven more than 100 countries of the world as reliable, professional, correct and cost-effective waterproofing for various areas. HYPERDESMO achievements measure thirty years of successful application on concrete surfaces, reinforced concrete, metal structures, mosaics, tile, stone, etc. 

The range of protective and varnish varnishes ALCHIMICA we use in waterproofing and protective purposes. . The paints and varnishes from this manufacturer provide excellent color protection, high resistance to friction against circulation and excellent chemical resistance. They are part of the ALCHIMICA complex systems, which include primers and basic membranes, and when they applying significantly increase the service life of the systems, providing excellent adhesion to the main membranes and maximum protection.

Protective varnishes HYPERDESMO have several advantages:


Have waterproofing and anti-slip properties;

Resistant to abrasion and impact;

Have excellent adhesion to all building surfaces;

All materials are ready to use, very easy to use and do not require expensive equipment.

Among the materials used for the protection and waterproofing of tile and stone coatings can be distinguished:

HYPERDESMO-T. Single component lacquer based on flexible aliphatic polyurethane resins and UV filters with a high content of solids. It polymerizes under the influence of humid air, forming transparent absolutely and durable elastic seamless coating with extremely high resistance to UV radiation, like many products of this manufacturer. It does not turn yellow and does not discolor under the influence of the sun. It has excellent resistance to weather conditions, chemicals, mechanical and thermal effects. HYPERDESMO-T does not cause the formation of bubbles, so you can apply in one layer.

PRIMER-T. This product is a one-component transparent material specifically designed to improve the adhesion of HYPERDESMO-T to non-porous substrates. In addition to HYPERDESMO-T, we can use in any HYPERDESMO production line. Chemically, PRIMER-T consists of organic silences and special additives that optimize substrate wetting in a solvent mixture. PRIMER-T dries quickly, after 10-15 minutes the substrate is ready for use. It cures under the influence of air humidity.

Among the proposed choice of products from the manufacturer ALCHIMICA, you always will find the ideal solution to protect any object that needs waterproofing.

KEYS: materials for protection and waterproofing coating of tiles and stone.

Internal waterproofing facilities

Internal waterproofing facilities

To the question of external waterproofing of premises certainly, we need to approach with full responsibility. Nonetheless, when it comes to internal waterproofing, here it is necessary to take into account completely different features, both during operation and with further use of the surface that had processed with waterproofing materials. One of the most important points in internal r work is the lack of good ventilation of the premises. For example, if it is necessary to conduct a liquid waterproofing of the surface under the tile in the bathroom, then, as a rule, this implies the construction work in a small room with sufficiently high moisture and at the same time limited intake of fresh air. Plant ALCHIMICA produces various types of waterproofing liquid rubber, depending on the purpose of use of the materials. If you need to treat the floor surface, here the best helper will be liquid rubber HYPERFLOOR, which consists of two components that do not have volatile organic solvents, so the seamless cover we can use in closed spaces. The range of protective paints and varnishes ALCHIMICA find wider application in waterproofing and flooring suiting coverings. Protective paints of this manufacturer provide, if necessary, excellent color maintenance and excellent chemical resistance. They are a part of the ALCHIMICA complex systems, which include priming and basic membranes, and during the application, they significantly increase the service life of the systems, providing excellent adhesion to the main membranes and maximum protection. HYPERDESMO products are commonly in different countries of the world for repair and waterproofing. An example of consumer confidence in HYPERDESMO is the internal work in 2008 for the repair of the Kremlin in Russia. In Portugal, for waterproofing of the floor service station ALFA ROMEO in Lisbon, they used AQUADUR epoxy primer, two-component elastic self-leveling polyurethane floor covering HYPERFLOOR-2K, and two-component polyurethane framework based on dye without solvent HYPERDESMO-D-2K. The same materials people have used for waterproofing underground parking in Spain. In all these projects, HYPERDESMO they have chosen among many other solutions for its remarkable quality and performance. About 25 years after its first export, the scale of ALCHIMICA overcomes the barrier of 100 countries of the world. Thousands projects on five continents have been completed with using HYPERDESMO products and other innovative polyurethane films designed for comfortable and high-quality use by the end user. 

Keys: Internal waterproofing, liquid waterproofing, polyurethane flooring

Waterproofing of bridges, racks, parking, stadiums

Waterproofing of bridges, racks, parking, stadiums

Over the past decades, the technology of the structure of bridge pavements, racks, parking lots and stadiums has changed hard enough. The increase in the number of cars and the increased demands on the quality of the construction sets all new tasks for developers and builders, where the old methods become powerless. Only thanks the use of modern technologies and materials is it possible to create a perfect seamless coating that can evenly cover the surface and guarantee durability. An important role in the protection of bridge structures, racks, parking lots and stadiums belongs to the waterproofing coating, since the transport facilities have no more dangerous enemy than moisture. In addition, this is relevant for any structures: both widely used reinforced concrete and metal.

The choice of high-quality modern waterproofing can reduce static loads, extend the life of facilities and extend the service life of the exploited surface. The HYPERDESMO system is a complex of waterproofing and protection based on liquid, elastomeric, hydrophobic polyurethane resins with high mechanical and chemical properties. The use of materials HYPERDESMO allows not only to protect against the damaging effects of water and other corrosive environments, but also to achieve a budget option for construction with a minimum weight of the span structure, as there is no need to use concrete protective and leveling layers.

The use of waterproofing treatment of various surfaces, especially transport facilities, using waterproofing liquid rubber HYPERDESMO is a number of pros and advantages:

The use of waterproofing treatment of various surfaces, especially transport facilities, using waterproofing liquid rubber HYPERDESMO is a number of advantages and advantages:


Excellent adhesion to all types of surfaces, without requiring special priming;

Excellent resistance to thermal effects; hot asphalt we can stow on the waterproofing coating;

Resistance to low temperatures: the coating remains elastic up to 60 ° C;

Excellent mechanical properties, high elasticity and resistance to tearing;

Material cures without shrinkage;

Good chemical resistance;

After polymerization, the material is non-toxic;

Waterproofing durability – at least 25 years.

In addition, one of the most important advantages of using liquid rubber is ease of use. Any additional device or equipment do not require. Materials we put on a dry clean surface in the order according to the instructions. 

UNIVERSALPRIMER-2K-4060 is a two-component, solvent-free polyurethane primer for HYPERDESMO system products and other polyurethane coatings manufactured by ALCHIMICA.

Primer MICROSEALER-PU – is a single component, consisting of 100% particulate matter, polyurethane primer, ideal for any basic. The material has a low viscosity and excellent impregnating properties, ideal for wet or dry concrete. Moreover, the material is ideally suited for either porous and non-porous smooth surfaces, such as glass, polished aluminum or metal surfaces. MICROSEALER-PU has excellent mechanical properties and high elasticity – film elongation is 400%, which is comparable to the product line HYPERDESMO, and tensile gap is more than 20 N / mm2. MICROSEALER-PU we can use on wet or “green” concrete, not only as a primer, but also as an impregnation, giving concrete extraordinary durability.

HYPERDESMO-H.A.A.A., HYPERDESMO mastic is a one-component liquid mastic based on pure elastic water-repellent polyurethane resins. After application, they polymerize under the action of air humidity, forming a highly elastic durable waterproofing coating.

HYPERDESMO-PB-2K mastic is a two-component polyurethane-modified asphalt-based waterproofing membrane. 

HYPERSEAL Sealant is a one-component paste-like material based on polyurethane. We can use in direct contact with drinking water and food. For exterior and interior work. It has improved adhesion to materials traditionally problematic – glass, aluminum, polycarbonate and other plastics.

HYPERDESMO-D paint is a one-component liquid material based on flexible polyurethane resins. To preserve color, the top layer should protect with a layer of HYPERDESMO-ADY-E (pigmented).

After the applying of HYPERDESMO and MICROSEALER, while the primer is still tacky, it pours quartz sand onto the surface. The sand should has a good quality and be dry, fraction of 1.6 … 2.0 mm. After solidification of MICROSEALER, the excess sand should remove and apply a second layer of MICROSEALER.

 Years of experience in the direction of waterproofing bridges, racks, parking lots and stadiums proved that the products of the ALCHIMICA people can rust plant. Among the main projects with the use of materials ALCHIMICA were a number of historical and famous buildings.

HYPERDESMO people used to waterproof the Attic Odos Bridge in Athens!

KRK Bridge in Croatia people seal with ALCHIMICA products during maintenance work. UNIVERSAL – PRIMER – 2K – 4060 fast-setting primer people applied on old concrete. Sealing people completed using HYPERDESMO-PB-2K. Then we used a new asphalt surface. 

The HYPERDESMO system they used in February-March 2016 for waterproofing and protection of the Viaducto Bridge to Maran in Portugal. The bridge is part of the A4 motorway, the third largest in the country, connecting Porto with the Spanish border.

The stadium of the Panathinaikos Athens football club people restored using the ALCHIMICA coverage system. Materials used: Primer MICROSEALER-50, mastic HYPERSEAL-25LM-S, polyurethane-insulating material HYPERDESMO and the top layer HYPERDESMO-ADY-E.

And this is not all projects that we are proud of.

The use of old methods of waterproofing structures will lead to the inevitable costly repair. Using the latest waterproofing technology systems HYPERDESMO – a guarantee of durability and quality. We are ready confidently

Advantages and disadvantages of polyurethane waterproofing materials

Advantages and disadvantages of polyurethane waterproofing materials

The main target of any type of waterproofing is to protect erected or ready-made structures for various purposes from moisture and water penetration. Thanks to waterproofing increases the reliability of construction projects, which in turn helps save money on the restoration or repair of public and residential buildings damaged by the above factors. 

Finding the perfect waterproofing, which includes durability, efficiency and good adhesion to any surface is a very serious task for manufacturers. Some areas of buildings, such as the roof, roofing or foundation are more susceptible to external influences and need waterproofing, taking into account their features. Modern polyurethane waterproofing materials provide long-term protection and have several advantages:

  • optimum level of elasticity;
  • the required thickness of the application layer is only 2 mm;
  • formation of a continuous seamless coating on a large surface or spot embedding of small areas;
  • the possibility of applying to any surface;
  • the minimum period of readiness for operation after applying;
  • the weight of the material after curing is minimal, so we can use it on lightweight structures;
  • high resistance to UV radiation, as well optimal resistance to almost any external negative impact;
  • the possibility of self-application;
  • a large selection of special materials for any coatings, including those with decorative qualities;
  • long service life (25-50 years);
  • further their restoration remains simple and economical, since complete removal of the material is not required;
  • we can apply to an existing waterproofing system.

Does it sound perfect? Yet there are several disadvantages of using this type of waterproofing:

  • Many manufacturers of polyurethane waterproofing materials recommend applying the product to the surface in more than one layer. This can be problematic, since more need more labor and weather conditions cannot allow always to withstand several days before applying the second layer. Therefore, there is a possibility that the remaining moisture on the first layer may lead to the formation of bubbles between the layers;
  • climate influence on the rate of polymerization. In conditions of low temperature and / or low humidity polymerization has been delayed, and in extreme northern climatic conditions, the application should limit to several months a year;
  • The quality of the material directly depends on the correctly selected polyurethane system, corresponding to the further use.

Is it possible to eliminate these limitations without changing the final performance of the material? The answer is yes! Using products ALCHIMICA family HYPERDESMO you can solve these problems! Constant research and development of the company allowed us to create a product that combines several successfully proven components on the market. HYPERDESMO-HAA is a unique, single-component polyurethane waterproofing based on the combination of the traditional HYPERDESMO coating and the ACCELERATOR 3000 polymerization accelerator in an inactive form. Due to the interaction of these components, a membrane forms without defects, with excellent mechanical properties and excellent adhesion to various surfaces. This product is ideal for use in winter. In addition, the fact that due to its composition HYPERDESMO-HAA achieves effectiveness when using in a single layer, reduces labor costs and eliminates the aforementioned disadvantages.

Regarding the last item, to avoid problems in the future, we advise you to consult with specialists at the planning stage. Turning to our company, you will receive highly qualified consultation on each individual case, taking into account the type of surface and the prevailing conditions that provide long-term protection from natural phenomena. Plant ALCHIMICA offers polyurethane waterproofing materials for various uses that meet the above specifications. The choice of products allows you to achieve perfect waterproofing of any surface, from underground walls and foundations to highways and bridges, and of course for waterproofing the surface of your home. In ALCHIMICA, you will find exactly what you need!


– waterproofing of the roof,

– waterproofing of the base,

– liquid waterproofing,

– roof waterproofing,- seamless coating.



During the planning of a new building, it is very important to take care of the reliability of the foundation. This is a prop, foundation, the main load-bearing part of any structure. The construction of the foundation takes about 15-20% of the total value of the house. At the time, you will spend about 1-3% on waterproofing the foundation. But this particular amount that can play the main role in the operational qualities of the building and its durability. If in unpleasant: wet walls, the development of fungus dangerous to human health, violation of the aesthetic appearance, and as a result, the investment of substantially large amounts in the future for restoration.

Let us stop a little more detailed on the interconnections of concrete and moisture. There is a variety of micropores on the surface of the concrete. When laying the foundations, we lay it deep enough, after which the concrete always is in contactly with the groundwater, and with a shallow strip foundation with atmospheric precipitation. Especially in the winter, the ingress of moisture into the micropores is extremely dangerous. When freezing, the water increases in volume, the pores of the strongest monolithic structure are broken and gradually minimal fractures in the pores lead the foundation to an emergency condition. Today there are several types of protection of the foundation from moisture:

  • penetrating waterproofing;
  • plastering waterproofing;
  • injection painting or painting waterproofing;
  • pasting waterproofing.

Despite the widest range of moisture-proofing materials on the market, polyurethane-based mastic from ALCHIMICA is one of the best quality waterproofing options. Mastic waterproofing is one of the most durable options for protection against water. For example, some of the types of waterproofing give a guarantee of the quality of their product for only 5-10 years. It is also quite a budget option in comparison with analogues. Some materials pasting waterproofing vulnerable to rots at a permanent contact with water.

 In systems mastic waterproofing ALCHIMICA we use modern high-quality mastic. After application to the base surface, the mastic will polymerize, forming a durable, elastic, seamless coating with high mechanical, waterproofing and performance characteristics. They we can use on the outer vertical surfaces of the foundations, on the base plates of the fundamental structures, too.

Among the main advantages of mastic based on polyurethane are the following:

  • easily apply to the surface of any shape;
  • possess high adhesion to the majority of building materials;
  • the possibility of operation at permanent contact with groundwater;
  • chemically resistant, not susceptible to biological effects;
  • resistant to impact. 

An important advantage of the proposed systems is the implementation of fully glued waterproofing coatings with high adhesion at the base. This eliminates the possibility of the water spreading under the coating in the event of mechanical damage during the performance of work or operation and localizes the places of possible grooves, which greatly facilitates the performance of repair work after filling the foundation.

The main materials used for waterproofing the foundation include:

Mastic HYPERDESMO. Single-component polyurethane mastic for waterproofing and corrosion protection. Single component liquid material based on pure elastic water repellent polyurethane resins. After application, it polymerizes under the action of air humidity, forming a highly elastic durable waterproofing coating. Resistant to UV radiation.

Mastic HYPERDESMO®-H.A.A. Unique polyurethane mastic for reliable waterproofing and protection. Based on the perfect combination of Hyperdesmo and Accelerator-3000A (a liquid that accelerates the polymerization of mastics), which makes it possible to apply mastic in thicker layers without the formation of bubbles, also accelerates the polymerization process. It quickly polymerizes without the formation of internal membrane defects with excellent physic mechanical and operational abilities.

In addition, to achieve the minimum required thickness of the waterproofing membrane, we can apply with fewer layers, which reduces labor costs.

Mastic HYPERDESMO®-PB-2K. Two-component mastic based on pure elastic hydrophobic polyurethane resins mixed with chemically polymerized pure bitumen. After mixing, the components and applying it will polymerize, forming a seamless durable waterproofing coating with an exceptionally high elasticity (> 2000%) and with strong adhesion to many types of surfaces. Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, UV resistant. Mastic contains a small percentage of xylene, so if necessary, we can further dilute with it.

UNIVERSAL PRIMER-2K-4060 soil. A two-component polyurethane quickly polymerize soil, free of toxic volatile organic substances and solvents, which developed for application to dry or wet concrete or other bases. We use it for products of the HYPERDESMO system and other polyurethane coatings produced by ALCHIMICA. Provides reliable adhesion of polyurethane coatings with the base.

Primer MICROSEALER-PU. It is a single component, consisting of 100% solid particles, polyurethane primer, ideal for almost any base. The material has a low viscosity and excellent impregnating properties, ideal for wet or dry concrete. Moreover, this product is ideally suited for either porous and non-porous smooth surfaces, such as glass, polished aluminum or metal surfaces. It has excellent mechanical properties and high elasticity – the elongation of the film is 400%, which is comparable with the product line HYPERDESMO, and the tensile strength is more than 20 N / mm2. It can use on wet or “green” concrete, not only as a primer, but also as an impregnation, giving concrete extraordinary durability.

Primer AQUUADUR. A two-component water emulsion epoxy waterborne primer. The product does not contain volatile organic solvents.

If you still have doubts about the importance of proper waterproofing from water, then remember that the slightest technological errors in the construction over time can destroy the foundation, and all construction with it. If you are planning a capital structure that will serve you until the end of life – perform high-quality waterproofing base.


– waterproofing of the roof,

– waterproofing of the base,

– liquid waterproofing,

– roof waterproofing,

– seamless coating.

– waterproofing foundations



Seams and cracks, this is the first things that need to fix in any surface and construction that to protect it from further destruction. Also, sealing of seams is an important stage in the complex work with materials of the ALCHIMICA plant and surface coating with the HYPERDESMO systems, which further serve to waterproof the roof, foundation, roofing, terrace, etc. 

ALCHIMICA is a leading manufacturer of one- and two-component polyurethane sealants HYPERSEAL. Our sealants combine polyurethane and silylated polyurethane technology. As a result, we get a universal sealant, which combines the excellent mechanical properties of a polyurethane sealant with ease of application and non-toxicity of silylated polyurethanes. In comparison with other analogues, HYPERSEAL sealants have excellent adhesion in the early stages of setting, even on substrates traditionally problematic for polyurethane sealants, such as aluminum, steel, polycarbonate, etc. The range of sealants ALCHIMICA consists of several varieties. Single-component low-modular sealants suitable for applying flame retardant for building and expansion joints, one-component high-modulus and quick-hardening sealants suitable for applying flame retardant to floor joints, and finally two-component sealants suitable for pouring suitable and strongly recommended for sealing joints on the sidewalk, aprons of airports and runways. Each type of sealant is unique in its own way. HYPERSEAL ® -EXPERT-150 is a new low-modular sealant specifically designed to ensure bubble-free curing even at very high temperatures and humidity. The product exhibits excellent thixotropic, which allows it to use even in very large expansion joints. It hardens due a reaction with atmospheric humidity with the formation of a sealant for joints with an accommodation factor at 50% joint motion and excellent adhesion. Extrusion speed and the tools for sealant remain unchanged over a very wide range of temperatures and humidity conditions.

 HYPERSEAL-50FC-S and – this is a sealant for seams with fast solidification. An all-purpose adhesive specially developed for use with polyurethane and silylated polyurethane technology, thanks to which we have a sealant, which has the best properties of both technologies. We modified the material to impart improved thixotropic properties. 

HYPERSEAL-50V-FC is a fast-curing adhesive with characteristics similar to HYPERSEAL-50FC-S, but designed in order to apply for direct glazing. The specified material quickly hardens due to the reaction with atmospheric humidity with the formation of a sealant with excellent adhesion in the early stages of setting.

HYPERSEAL-25LM-S is a low modulus sealant of the new generation for sealing and re-closing joints, as well predecessors, designed for use with polyurethane and silylated polyurethane technology and modified to impart improved thixotropic properties. In addition, a sealant suitable for jointing we modified so that the extrusion profile was identical to the hybrid technology of PU or MS. The extrusion rate and equipment of the sealant remain unchanged in a very wide range of temperatures and humidity conditions. Resistant to ultraviolet radiation. After polymerization, HYPERSEAL-25LM-S is completely non-toxic even when in contact with drinking water and is subject to staining.

Some tips for use. The surfaces on which the product is applied must be dry, chemically neutral, free from damage, clean, free of dust, rust or loose particles. Open and clean seams from mechanical and organic contamination. With a porous, weak or broken base, should use a suitable primer. Do not use chemically aggressive methods to clean the base. We apply the material manually with a mechanical or pneumatic construction gun, or with a spatula. The thickness of the seam filling is regulating by a polyethylene foam (polystyrene foam) hardness of suitable diameter. The optimal depth of the seam filling -3-5mm.

Tool cleaning should carry through with xylene or solvents 646,647,648 immediately after use. The rollers are not subject to clean up, so do not even try to wash them. Nevertheless, apparently, this is the only minus of use of the sealants. In all other respects, sealing of seams is only advantages that we cannot list. If you have any questions, call the specified phone numbers and get a full consultation.

Used keys:

  • roof waterproofing,
  • foundation waterproofing,
  • roof waterproofing,
  • waterproofing of the terrace;
Polyurethane self-leveling floors system HYPERDESMO

Polyurethane self-leveling floors system HYPERDESMO

Repair is always a time consuming and troublesome process. Nevertheless, the main reward after its completion is a result that exceeds all expectations! Exactly feedback leave our customers who have already experienced in action self-leveling polyurethane floors system HYPERDESMO – HYPERFLOOR. 

This product is a floor covering based on epoxy resin and polyurethane. HYPERFLOOR floors are solvent free and, in general, 100% consist of solid particles. A seamless elastic coating with excellent adhesion to various surfaces form during hardness the material. Does not contain organic solvents. We made it, which based on pure hydrophobic polyurethane resin and a special inorganic filler, as the outcome of which, after drying, no shrinkage occurs. Agree it is very important and convenient when calculating the applied layer to the surface.

Polyurethane self-leveling floors have several varieties, since, depending on the application area, we developed the corresponding technical components of the product have:

  • Seamless hard floors with excellent abrasion resistance and ideal for industrial areas with heavy traffic;
  • Non-cracking resilient, seamless floors for use in hospitals, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and electronic industries. Also suitable for waterproofing and protection of flat roofs, terraces, balconies, pools, tanks and much more. Unlike polyurethane floors from other manufacturers, HYPERFLOOR from ALCHIMICA consists of two components that do not contain volatile organic solvents that is why we can apply it in closed rooms with insufficient ventilation. Absolutely non-toxic after polymerization.

In addition, it includes a number of other advantages:

  • Excellent adhesion to most building materials;
  • forms a solid and at the same time elastic seamless coating over the entire area of applying;
  • Long service life;
  • Heat resistance from -40° C to 90° C;
  • High strength;
  • High chemical and biological resistance. Excellent mechanical performance, abrasion resistance;
  • does not crack.

Before using HYPERFLOOR, you should follow a specific procedure. Not recommended for use on fragile surfaces. The base should be dry, chemically neutral, even, and durable – without cracks and damage. Initially, clean the surface from dust, rust, mold and other contaminants. Traces of oil, oily substances or chemicals should remove with suitable detergents, cleaning and degreasing agents. If possible, wash the surface with abundant and strong water jet or water jet treatment at an operating pressure of 150 bar (minimum 20 l / min). We should apply the primer on relatively fresh concrete. In some cases, we recommend to pre-use additional materials according to the instructions for use (AQUASMART-DUR epoxy primer, RESIN-21 CLEAR epoxy resin, MICROSEALER-50 one-component penetrating primer).

A low-speed electric mixer is ideal for mixing (up to 300 rpm). The lifetime of the material after mixing the components is 20-30 minutes (at 25 ° C). You should apply immediately after mixing and flatten to the required thickness with a spatula, brush or rakla with a notched trowel, squeegee or roller. After that, it advisable to walk on the surface with a toothed roller to remove the former air bubbles. As a finish we recommend to use pigmented varnish HYPERDESMO® -ADY-E (to obtain a glossy surface) or HYPERDESMO® -ADY (to obtain a matte surface) that to protect the color from UV. To increase mechanical or chemical resistance, we recommend using a protective coating HYPERDESMO®-D or HYPERDESMO® -ADY. After opening, the mixture can be stored for more than 12 months in its original packaging in a dry and ventilated room at a temperature of 5 ° C – 25 ° C.

During the execution of the work, it is important to observe safety measures namely in confined spaces provide good ventilation and personal protective equipment against organic vapors! 

As you can see, working with polyurethane self-leveling floors of the NYPERDESMO system is quite simple. Having tried HYPERFLOOR once, you hardly ever want to use alternative products.

Protective varnishes for the HYPERDESMO system

Protective varnishes for the HYPERDESMO system

Beautiful coating on the terrace or balcony, but need protection? We have such material!

Hyperdesmo-T varnish is based on elastic aliphatic polyurethane resins. It protects against corrosion and waterproofs concrete, natural stone, tile and wood. Due to its composition, the surface (especially decorative), perfectly protected, has a beautiful glossy sheen, is resistant to mechanical stress, does not turn yellow under ultraviolet light, has vapor permeability, is completely transparent and elastic.

Need a protection of industrial floors (walls).

Hyperdesmo-ADY – one-component polyurethane protective light-resistant transparent coating. It protects against corrosion, provides anti-slip, dust-free, anti-bacterial, hygienic barrier in industrial premises, warehouses and warehouses, medical facilities, surgery and dispensaries. Thanks to UV filters, it stays transparent and does not turn yellow in the light. Anti-corrosion protection of industrial equipment is possible. It is a finishing wear layer. Solid and elastic at the same time seamless coating. 

Hyperdesmo – D – prevents concrete, mosaic, ceramics, metal from corrosion. Maintains average loadings, for example a parking, a warehouse, hospitals, refrigerators.

Excellent for the treatment and protection of tanks with chemical or biological aggressive products, and for sewage treatment plants. It is a finishing chemical and wear-resistant layer in waterproofing systems.

To improve the anti-slip properties and wear resistance, the coating you can enhance with dry fractional quartz sand between the layers of the system.



POLYURETHANE-BITUMEN MATERIALS Hyperdesmo PB-2KPolyurethane is good, but even better with bitumen! Hyperdesmo PB-2K 2-component material we develop based on pure polyurethane resin and mixed with bitumen.

Protects metal structures, concrete, asphalt concrete and other building materials from moisture and corrosion.

Waterproofing of flat roofs, foundations, underground structures and structures, garages, tunnels, terraces, swimming pools.

After polymerization is a homogeneous, seamless and hydrophobic coating.

High elasticity of the material is capable of self-healing punctures and sealing cracks.

The presence of a bituminous component increases the level of maintainability and restoration of old bituminous coatings.

To improve the anti-slip properties and wear resistance, the last layer you can powder with dry fractionated quartz sand. With the peculiarities of the application and application of the material Hyperdesmo PB-2K, our experts will help you and select the best option for you.