floors HYPERFLOOR® -2K Grey

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HYPERFLOOR® -2K is a two-component material based on pure polyurethane resins with inorganic additives that provide high abrasion resistance of the coating. It cures after mixing the components, forming a seamless durable elastic coating. Does not contain organic solvents.


Weight 20 Kg.

  • Industrial floors under low, medium and high mechanical loads.
  • Floors in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical, electronic industries.
  • Floors in parkings, garages, refrigerators, warehouses, office, medical institutions.
  • Decks of ships.
  • For the installation of spark-free, non-slip, antibacterial, hygienic, dust-free and decorative floors and protective coatings.
  • Also suitable for waterproofing and protection of flat roofs, terraces, balconies, pools, tanks.

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Полное орисание Hyperfloor 2K


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