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HYPERDESMO ® -D – one-component liquid material based on elastic polyurethane resins. Polymerizes under the influence of humidity, forming a seamless durable elastic covering.

Application area:

  •  To protect and prevent corrosion of concrete, mosaic, metal, ceramics, wood and other building materials.
  •  Creation of non-dusting, antibacterial, hygienic, anti-slip, sparkles and decorative industrial flooring that can withstand light and medium loads (parking lots, warehouses, cold rooms, industrial premises, hospitals, etc.).
  •  Surface treatment and protection: tanks and storages with chemically, biologically and radiation-aggressive products, as well as sewage treatment plants.
  •  Sheeting in the food industry, the chemical industry, pharmaceutics, health care, power and mechanical engineering.
  • Sealing, painting, hydrophilization of complex iron-concrete structures and elements.
  • Chemically finishing and wear-resistant layer in waterproofing systems.


  •  Easy to use single component material. It polymerizes under the influence of air humidity. High polymerization rate.
  • It forms a hard and at the same time elastic seamless coating over the entire area of ​​application.
  • The stability of the coating in a wide range of temperatures.
  • Excellent adhesion to most building materials.
  • Exceptionally high chemical and biological resistance. Excellent mechanical performance, abrasion resistance.
  • Absolutely non-toxic after polymerization.

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