Microsealer 50 – 5 kg

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MICROSEALER-50 – single component primer

low viscosity based on polyurethane for processing of various surfaces. This primer is characterized by a very low viscosity and balanced speed drying out that provides great wetting, impregnation and painting of various high and low grade surfaces porosity as well as non-porous surfaces (eg glass and metals). Besides, This primer can effectively used on dry and wet concrete, even on fresh concrete, not only as primer but also as cheap enhancing sealing material concrete life. The resulting film demonstrates excellent mechanical properties:

tensile strength> 300%, tensile strength

exceeds 39 N / mm2.

Apply with brush or roller.

Consumption: 100-200 g / m2,

depending on the porosity of the surface.


For concrete, wood, marble, aluminum, steel, ceramics, gypsum, etc.

The main industrial compactor.

Ventilation shafts, air conditioning pipes.

Heating and cooling systems

Interfloor seams

Industrial glazing

For the automotive industry.

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