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AQUASMART ® -DUR – is a two-component epoxy primer (coating), water-based. The ratio for mixing components specifically for ease of 1: 1 by volume, which allows

use material in small portions.

   AQUASMART ® -DUR – is low viscosity and well impregnates the base, has a long pot life after mixing the components. An excellent sheeting for concrete and metals, it is easily colored by pigment pastes for water emulsions. It has a very low tendency to yellowing under the action of ultraviolet. It is applied with a brush, roller in 1 or 2 layers.



  • Convenient ratio when mixing components 1: 1 by volume
  • Fast cure even at low temperatures.
  • Lack of a smell, safety, is suitable for application in poorly aired rooms.
  • Excellent adhesion even on wet or “young” concrete.
  • Excellent mechanical properties and abrasion resistance
  • Simple coloring with water-based pigment pastes.

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