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Microsealer-PU – is a one-component, consisting of 100% solid particles, polyurethane primer, ideal for almost any basis. The material has a low viscosity and excellent impregnating properties, ideal for wet or dry concrete. Moreover, the material is ideally suited for both porous and non-porous smooth surfaces, such as glass, polished aluminum or metal surfaces.

   It has excellent mechanical properties and high elasticity — the elongation of the film is 400%, which is comparable to the Hyperdesmo® product line, and the tensile strength is more than 20 N / mm2.

Microsealer-PU can be used on wet or “green” concrete, not only as a primer, but also as an impregnation, giving concrete durability.

   Apply with brush or roller. Consumption: 100-500 g / m2, depending on the porosity of the base.



Weight 20 kg.

Used as a primer for:

  • Wet or wet concrete.
  • Glass.
  • Metals
  • Ceramic tiles.
  • Stone.

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20 Кг., 5 Кг.

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Полное описание Microsealer-PU


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