Primer water-based AQUADUR 10 kg.

3850,0 грн

Aquadur is a two-component water-based epoxy water-borne emulsion system. It is used as a primer in preparing the base for HYPERDESMO® systems or independently as a protective coating.

    Does not contain volatile organic solvents – can be used in poorly ventilated areas. May be diluted with water.

    Ideal for use in conditions of negative pressure and high humidity.

    It is also effectively used as a vapor barrier.


Weight 10 kg.

  • Primer (primer) before applying polyurethane (in particular, Hyperdesmo® systems), epoxy or polymer cement protective coatings, leveling and repair mixtures or putties, for the connection between new and old concrete.
  • Finishing protective coating on concrete, polymer-cement mixtures and coatings
  • On dry or wet grounds
  • With the likelihood of negative hydrostatic pressure.

Полное описание

Полное описание Aquadur


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