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UNIVERSAL PRIMER-2K-4060 is a two-component, solvent-free polyurethane primer for HYPERDESMO® products and other Alchimica® polyurethane coatings. It is a rapidly polymerizing primer, free of toxic and volatile organic matter, which was developed for application to dry or wet concrete or other bases. Provides reliable adhesion of polyurethane coatings with the base.


Weight 20 Kg.

Application area:

  • Soil on wet or wet concrete.
  • Soil on metals.
  • Adhesion-enhancing layer between coatings of different nature.
  • Application in unventilated areas.
  • The primer is not only for polyurethane coatings (for example acrylic paints).
  • Excellent compatibility with bitumen coatings and membranes.


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