1872,5 грн

HYPERDESMO®-ADY-E Gray – is a single-component polyurethane varnish that polymerizes under the action of atmospheric humidity, forming a transparent membrane of increased elasticity with excellent uniform adhesion over the entire surface. The varnish is completely aliphatic: there is no yellowing and color change as a result of direct exposure to sunlight. It is the ideal solution for protecting the color HYPERDESMO® Gray.

   Based on pure elastomeric hydrophobic polyurethane resins, with the result that it has excellent resistance to mechanical, chemical, thermal and other influences.

   Excellently colored with Alchimica® pigment pastes.

   Apply by brush, roller or airless spray in one or more layers. Minimum consumption per layer: 0.1 kg / m2.


Volume 5 liters.

  • Sheeting for concrete and polymeric materials.
  • As a finishing pigmented coating for HYPERDESMO® Gray mastic.
  • Finishing flooring.
  • For exterior and interior use.

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