Why do wholesale and retail customers trust us?

Why do wholesale and retail customers trust us?

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The whole range is available in our stock. 

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Any surface is inevitably susceptible to damage, external environmental influences, operation, and as a result – wear.
Modern technologies allow to minimize the influence of all these factors and protect your surface.
In our arsenal there is a large range of seamless polyurethane waterproofing systems from the Alchimica plant, whichwill help you to protect almost any surface. The Alchimica plant systems – advanced innovative developments in the field of construction chemicals, modern technologies and high-quality waterproofing materials from polyurethane.
The materials of the Alchimica plant are used in waterproofing any flat surface (roofing, basements, terraces),
external waterproofing of foundations, wear-resistant floorings of parking lots, storage rooms, stands of stadiums, decks, waterproofing bridges, self-leveling flooring, waterproofing pools and tanks, sealing joints. They are always ready for using, easy to handle and apply, polymerize under the action of air humidity, non-toxic after polymerization, because there are no volatile organic solvents, no shrinkage, high maintainability, reliable coating with a long service life of up to 25 years.

How to get waterproofing by installments?

Submit an application in a convenient way for you:

-by phone number: +380504404437;
– by going to the office of the company at the address: Vasilkov, Gogol street 5/2;
-Submitting an application in the online form “I want an installment plan”, after which you will be contacted

The whole range is available in our stock. ​

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