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(Hyperdesmo®-AshAA) Unique one-component polyurethane mastic for reliable waterproofing and protection. The composition includes a polymerization catalyst in a blocked form so that upon contact with the humidity of the air, it activates and automatically optimizes the process of polymerization of the material

Due to the unique composition of HYPERDESMO®-HAA, it quickly polymerizes without the formation of internal defects (foaming) of the membrane with excellent physical, mechanical and operational characteristics. 

Mastic viscosity (25 ° C) 3500-5500 centipoise
Mastic density (20 ° С) 1.3 -1.4 g / cm3
Consumption rate 1.5-2.0 kg / m2
The time of formation of the surface film (25 ° C and W = 55%) 2-3 hours
Waiting time between separate layers 6-48 hours
Full time of polymerization of the coating  7 days
Dry residue / solvent 90% / Xylene 10%
Coating operating temperature -40°С — +80°С
Maximum short-term temperature +200°С
Shore A hardness > 70 units
Membrane tensile strength 65 kg / cm2
The elasticity of the membrane (elongation to break) > 400 %
vapor permeability 0.8 g / m2 / h

Besides, that to achieve the minimum required thickness of the waterproofing membrane, HYPERDESMO®-HAA we can apply with fewer layers, which reduces labor costs.

Flat roofs, repair of old bitumen waterproofing.

Foundations, basements, underground structures and tunnels.

Hydro technical structures, pools, tanks, cooler, canals. 

Waterproofing for buckle and tile.

 Waterproofing and coating of terraces, balconies.

 Protection of polyurethane foam (PUF) from atmospheric effects.

 Sheeting for floors with light loads – including parking lots and garages.

Covering the stands of stadiums.

Waterproofing and corrosion protection of complex and dynamic reinforced concrete structures such as bridges and overpasses.




Application area


Two-component waterproofing mastic based on pure elastic hydrophobic polyurethane resins mixed with chemically polymerized pure bitumen. After mixing, the components and applying it will polymerize, forming a seamless durable waterproofing coating with an exceptionally high elasticity (> 1000%) and with strong adhesion to many types of surfaces.

Viscosity (25 ° С) Component A  1300 centipoise
Viscosity (25 ° С) Component B 4300 centipoise
Viscosity (25 ° C) of the finished mixture 3000 centipoise
Density (25 ° С) of ready mix 0.97 g / cm3
Viability after mixing (25 ° C) 25-30 min.
Consumption rate 1.5-2.0 kg / m2
The time of formation of the surface film 2 hours
Waiting time between separate layers 6-24 hours
Dry residue / solvent 90% / Xylene 10%
Full time of polymerization of the coating 7 days 
Coating operating temperature -40°С — +80°С
Maximum short-term temperature +150°С
Shore A hardness > 35 units
Tensile strength of the membrane 20 kg / cm2
The elasticity of the membrane (elongation to break) > 1000 %
Vapor permeability


  • Waterproofing and corrosion protection of concrete, asphalt, metal and other building materials.
  • Waterproofing and vapor barrier of flat roofs, foundations, underground structures and structures, garages, tunnels, tanks, pools, terraces, floors.
  • Waterproofing asphalt pavement.
  • Repair and restoration of old bitumen waterproofing. Filling and sealing cracks and seams.
  • It uses as a protective and anti-corrosion coating of metal and metal structures.
  • For exterior and interior work.




Application area


Two-component completely non-toxic thixotropic mastic based on high-quality polyurethane resins without solvents. After polymerization, it forms a durable, flexible, hydrophobic coating for waterproofing and protection. Recommended for waterproofing tanks and capacities. It has the conclusion of SES for use in contact with drinking water.

Dry residue 100%
Viscosity 3000 centipoise
Density 1.25 g / cm3
The viability of the mixture 30 minutes
Consumption rate 1.25 kg / mm
The formation of the surface film 3 hours
Light load 24 hours
Full load and chemical resistance 72 hours
Operating temperature -40°С — +80°С
Maximum short-term temperature +200°С
Temperature resistance Without changes
Hardness > 60 Shore D
Tensile strength > 300 kg / cm2
Elasticity > 50%


Industrial floors under low, medium and high mechanical loads.

Floors in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical, electronic industries.

Floors in parking, garages, refrigerators, warehouses, office, medical institutions.

Decks of ships.

For the installation of sparkles, non-slip, antibacterial, hygienic, dust-free and decorative floors and protective coatings.

Liquid roofing is one of the most technological solutions! This technology is widely used to isolate blocks of flats around the world, giving maximum benefits of. Waterproofing the roof with liquid rubber, we can do without special tools, and the financial costs of such a roof are minimal. In addition, single-component liquid rubber for roofing is extremely surprisingly and practical: it is not necessary to change such insulation for several decades, since polyurethane mastics retain all their properties after any natural disasters.

Liquid roof with your hands

To insulate the roofs of residential buildings, we recommend the Hyperdesmo mastic line from TM Alchimica. You can buy liquid rubber for roofing in Ukraine in our store at the best price – we guarantee product quality!

Liquid roof waterproofing we can do on virtually any surface: wood, concrete, also cement or metal structures. Wherein it is possible to repair or isolate the roof of a new building in just a few hours: for a start, it is enough to clean the base, and then ground it with a primer (primer). After that, need to pour the Hyperdesmo mastic onto the surface of the roof, and then distribute it as evenly as possible throughout the roof (we recommend using a construction roller or spatula).

Liquid roof: fast repair of the roof!

The technology of waterproofing repair does not actually differ from the procedure of applying mastic to a new roof. However, the base should clean very carefully, because the old waterproofing can create strong irregularities over the surface of the roof. The key advantage of liquid rubber from Alchimica is a unique “seamless” application technology. After the mastic is applied to the surface, it polymerizes (dries) under the influence of air, which eliminates the appearance of irregularities on the already laid insulation layer. That is why the best choice for roof repair is high-quality liquid rubber for roofing, which you can buy from us at the best prices!

Liquid rubber for roofing – the price will pleasantly surprise!

Are you planning to repair the roof of an old house or lay waterproofing on a new roof? Mastics from Alchimica have proven their practicality in all weather conditions. Builders use these products from this Greek manufacturer in the construction of residential and industrial facilities of various heights in dozens of countries around the world. Hyperdesmo is an easy to apply liquid roof, the price of which is beneficial for all customers! You can order the necessary materials directly on our website.

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