Today, the presence of a swimming pool in almost every entertainment complex, hotel or even a private house is quite a common phenomenon. While high quality waterproofing of these structures is not as common. Pools and water tanks are complex technical structures that require special attention to the quality of the material chosen, both for its waterproofing and for decorative finishing. Errors in the design and installation of the pool, violation of waterproofing technology, poor installation, all of these reasons can lead to such unpleasant consequences as water leaks, mold, and much more. With particular attention, you should treat to waterproofing the pool, if it is in the room. The installation of the HYPERDESMO system does not need special equipment, and the technical characteristics make it possible simultaneously to solve several problems: waterproofing and decorative.

The ALCHIMICA product range includes several HYPERDESMO systems for liquid waterproofing of tanks, the most optimal of which are two:

  1. Coating with HYPERDESMO-2K-W, which is a certified product according to the latest EU requirements for drinking water tanks. The application has done manually with the help of rollers (with the exception of foam rubber), Maklavitsa brushes or brushes. The life of the mastic after mixing the components is 30 minutes. The mastic it adds to the vertical surfaces in 2 layers with a consumption of 0.7 kg / m2 per layer, and the mastic is applied to the horizontal surfaces (tank floor) in 1 layer with a consumption of 1.4 kg / m2. The product is ideal for use in the field of waterproofing pools, as it is highly hydrophobic and resistant to hydrolysis. 
  2. Coating with classic mastic HYPERDESMO or HYPERDESMO-H.A.A. (with the addition of the accelerator) and the finish coating HYPERDESMO-D or HYPERDESMO-ADY (colorized). As a primer, we recommend to use AQUADUR epoxy undercoating, which ideally seals the concrete surface and prepares it for making the final paint. Liquid HYPERDESMO we apply in three layers with a total consumption of 1.5 … 2.0 kg / m2 on the sealed surface. To increase the operational reliability and resistance of the coating to aggressive substances, it is imperative to apply HYPERDESMO-D or HYPERDESMO-ADY in 2-3 layers with a total minimum flow rate of 300g / m2.

HYPERDESMO-ADY we can use with other mastic systems HYPERDESMO. Thanks to this material after its application, the membrane does not turn yellow from the action of UV light. It provides high resistance to UV light, and chemicals, too. 

For internal pool waterproofing, a two-component, solvent-free epoxy seamless coating based on epoxy resin EPOXY RESIN 51-POOL s an ideal product.  EPOXY RESIN 51 POOL epoxy paint provides water resistance and a decorative look of the pool, and excellent durability and resistance to UV light makes it ideal for outdoor pools.

Among other used materials for waterproofing swimming pools and tanks from the manufacturer ALCHIMICA, include the following: UNIVERSAL primer, HYPERSEAL-25LM gray, white, and HYPERSEAL-EXPERT-150 sealants, MICROSEALER-PU, Microsealer 50 and MICROSEALER-PU primers.

Many previously completed projects that still function today testify on the reliability and durability of structures with waterproofing liquid rubber HYPERDESMO. The materials of the ALCHIMICA plant people use for waterproofing Bessein in the Turkish residential and shopping complex “My World”. The ideal choice for the water park “Hidromasažni Bázen”, which is located in Croatia, was the ALCHIMICA pool system, which consists of EPOXY RESIN 51 POOL dye and AQUADUR primer.

Waterproofing pools and reservoirs is one of the most critical questions in the construction of the pool. Violation of one of the stages of waterproofing technology may lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of the use of the structure in the future. When planning the construction of the pool, we recommend that you seek advice to the professionals. 

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