Beautiful coating on the terrace or balcony, but need protection? We have such material!

Hyperdesmo-T varnish is based on elastic aliphatic polyurethane resins. It protects against corrosion and waterproofs concrete, natural stone, tile and wood. Due to its composition, the surface (especially decorative), perfectly protected, has a beautiful glossy sheen, is resistant to mechanical stress, does not turn yellow under ultraviolet light, has vapor permeability, is completely transparent and elastic.

Need a protection of industrial floors (walls).

Hyperdesmo-ADY – one-component polyurethane protective light-resistant transparent coating. It protects against corrosion, provides anti-slip, dust-free, anti-bacterial, hygienic barrier in industrial premises, warehouses and warehouses, medical facilities, surgery and dispensaries. Thanks to UV filters, it stays transparent and does not turn yellow in the light. Anti-corrosion protection of industrial equipment is possible. It is a finishing wear layer. Solid and elastic at the same time seamless coating. 

Hyperdesmo – D – prevents concrete, mosaic, ceramics, metal from corrosion. Maintains average loadings, for example a parking, a warehouse, hospitals, refrigerators.

Excellent for the treatment and protection of tanks with chemical or biological aggressive products, and for sewage treatment plants. It is a finishing chemical and wear-resistant layer in waterproofing systems.

To improve the anti-slip properties and wear resistance, the coating you can enhance with dry fractional quartz sand between the layers of the system.

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