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Polyurethane self-leveling floors system HYPERDESMO

Repair is always a time consuming and troublesome process. Nevertheless, the main reward after its completion is a result that exceeds all expectations! Exactly feedback leave our customers who have already experienced in action self-leveling polyurethane floors system HYPERDESMO – HYPERFLOOR. 

This product is a floor covering based on epoxy resin and polyurethane. HYPERFLOOR floors are solvent free and, in general, 100% consist of solid particles. A seamless elastic coating with excellent adhesion to various surfaces form during hardness the material. Does not contain organic solvents. We made it, which based on pure hydrophobic polyurethane resin and a special inorganic filler, as the outcome of which, after drying, no shrinkage occurs. Agree it is very important and convenient when calculating the applied layer to the surface.

Polyurethane self-leveling floors have several varieties, since, depending on the application area, we developed the corresponding technical components of the product have:

  • Seamless hard floors with excellent abrasion resistance and ideal for industrial areas with heavy traffic;
  • Non-cracking resilient, seamless floors for use in hospitals, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and electronic industries. Also suitable for waterproofing and protection of flat roofs, terraces, balconies, pools, tanks and much more. Unlike polyurethane floors from other manufacturers, HYPERFLOOR from ALCHIMICA consists of two components that do not contain volatile organic solvents that is why we can apply it in closed rooms with insufficient ventilation. Absolutely non-toxic after polymerization.

In addition, it includes a number of other advantages:

  • Excellent adhesion to most building materials;
  • forms a solid and at the same time elastic seamless coating over the entire area of applying;
  • Long service life;
  • Heat resistance from -40° C to 90° C;
  • High strength;
  • High chemical and biological resistance. Excellent mechanical performance, abrasion resistance;
  • does not crack.

Before using HYPERFLOOR, you should follow a specific procedure. Not recommended for use on fragile surfaces. The base should be dry, chemically neutral, even, and durable – without cracks and damage. Initially, clean the surface from dust, rust, mold and other contaminants. Traces of oil, oily substances or chemicals should remove with suitable detergents, cleaning and degreasing agents. If possible, wash the surface with abundant and strong water jet or water jet treatment at an operating pressure of 150 bar (minimum 20 l / min). We should apply the primer on relatively fresh concrete. In some cases, we recommend to pre-use additional materials according to the instructions for use (AQUASMART-DUR epoxy primer, RESIN-21 CLEAR epoxy resin, MICROSEALER-50 one-component penetrating primer).

A low-speed electric mixer is ideal for mixing (up to 300 rpm). The lifetime of the material after mixing the components is 20-30 minutes (at 25 ° C). You should apply immediately after mixing and flatten to the required thickness with a spatula, brush or rakla with a notched trowel, squeegee or roller. After that, it advisable to walk on the surface with a toothed roller to remove the former air bubbles. As a finish we recommend to use pigmented varnish HYPERDESMO® -ADY-E (to obtain a glossy surface) or HYPERDESMO® -ADY (to obtain a matte surface) that to protect the color from UV. To increase mechanical or chemical resistance, we recommend using a protective coating HYPERDESMO®-D or HYPERDESMO® -ADY. After opening, the mixture can be stored for more than 12 months in its original packaging in a dry and ventilated room at a temperature of 5 ° C – 25 ° C.

During the execution of the work, it is important to observe safety measures namely in confined spaces provide good ventilation and personal protective equipment against organic vapors! 

As you can see, working with polyurethane self-leveling floors of the NYPERDESMO system is quite simple. Having tried HYPERFLOOR once, you hardly ever want to use alternative products.

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