Hyperdesmo liquid rubber for the roof is a high-quality and durable mastic used to isolate residential buildings. The whole secret is that waterproofing of the roof with liquid rubber can do literally in one day: the Alchimica mastics contain a large amount of polyurethane, which allows them to “grab” literally several hours after application. Liquid rubber for the roof – the best choice for repairing old and insulating new roofs! Covering the roof with liquid rubber does not require special tools: you can apply a layer of mastic on the roof using a conventional construction roller or trowel. 

Hyperdesmo liquid roof: key advantages

Working with mastic from Alchimica is very convenient! Confirmation of this – the unique features of the liquid rubber line Hyperdesmo:

The possibility of “cold” application of mastic on the working surface;

Excellent adhesion showing; resistance to any types of precipitation, wind and humidity;

“Seamless” application technology that has no analogues.

Waterproofing of the roof with liquid rubber can be performed by immediately after the initial preparation of the roof. If the old is being repaired, it is enough to remove the remains of the insulation (the roofing material needs to be removed very carefully), then primed the surface with a primer (primer). If it makes the waterproofing on a new roof (for example, a concrete or metal base), it is enough to apply a primer and let it dry. It lay the liquid waterproofing of the roof with a solid membrane that evenly spreads over the entire working surface (in other words, it leaves no irregularities or cracks). Polymerization takes place outdoors. Just leave the insulation to dry, and in a few hours, it is ready!

Waterproofing the roof with liquid rubber Hyperdesmo is an advantageous and practical solution!

Do you need high-quality mastic for the repair of old roofs or the erection of new designs? Alchimica products are the best choice for insulation of metal, wood, concrete and other materials!

Production line Hyperdesmo is in great demand among builders from around the world – the unique characteristics of mastic provide reliable insulation in all climatic conditions.

High-quality and durable liquid rubber Hyperdesmo – at the best prices in Ukraine, place your order directly on the site!

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