Waterproofing flat roofs is an obligatory stage in the construction of new residential or commercial buildings. Flat roof is very convenient as a base for terraces, summer cafes or spacious balconies, but the lack of good insulation can lead to rapid destruction of the roof due to atmospheric precipitation, wind and other detrimental effects. In addition, its quality will be noticeably lower.

Waterproofing of a flat roof should do immediately after the construction of the building – otherwise precipitation will get inside through cracks and cracks in the base. The best option for isolation is liquid rubber from Alchimica: polyurethane mastics of the Hyperdesmo line, which you can apply easily to the roof surface, and their unique structure ensures the absence of seams, cracks and gaps after polymerization (solidification) of the applied layer.

Waterproofing a flat roof of liquid rubber: key advantages

Polyurethane mastic is completely safe for human health, because their chemical composition does not contain toxins and other harmful substances.

The main features of liquid rubber Hyperdesmo are:

Fast polymerization (drying) in open air conditions;

Resistance to strong ultraviolet (solar) radiation;

The possibility of “cold” application of materials to the surface;

Excellent adhesion characteristics (fixation) with any type of construction.

Waterproofing a flat roof with your own hands is also possible – for applying mastic on the surface does not require special tools or equipment. It is only important to evenly distribute the mastic over the entire surface of the roof, and then leave it for several hours until accomplishment of polymerization. You can use a construction roller or trowel that to distribute material over the roof.

Waterproofing a flat roof with Hyperdesmo is beneficial and practical!

Waterproofing a flat, exploited roof is especially important, since heavy and bulky objects can stand on such a roof (porch, cafe or balcony). Already laid mastic layer is shielded from scratches, cracks and other physical influences, which means that there will be no need for additional “tinting” or repairing the roof!

You can order quality mastic for waterproofing flat roofs from Alchimica right on our website – we are sure that our prices will pleasantly surprise you!

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