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Seamless polyurethane waterproofing system

Any surface is inevitably susceptible to damage, external environmental influences, operation, and as a result – wear. Modern technologies allow minimizing the influence of all these factors and protecting your surface. There is a large range of seamless polyurethane waterproofing systems that will help you protect virtually any surface in our arsenal. What are our materials for:

– waterproofing of any flat surfaces (roofing, basements, terraces);

– external waterproofing foundations;

– wear-resistant floor coverings of parking lots, storage facilities, stands of stadiums, decks;

– waterproofing of bridges, platforms under asphalt pavement;

– self-leveling flooring;

– waterproofing pools and reservoirs;

– waterproofing nodes vertical surface to horizontally;

– repair of old bitumen waterproofing;

– waterproofing and corrosion protection of complex and dynamic concrete structures;

– sealing seams.

The main characteristics of our materials:

– seamless elastic durable coating;

– high waterproofing performance;

– easily to apply to any surface;

– high adhesion to most materials;

– long service life in areas with stagnant water;

– resistance to UV radiation, temperature extremes, weathering;

– high chemical, biological and impact resistance;

– no shrinkage.

They are always ready for use, easy to handle and easy to apply, polymerize under the action of air humidity, non-toxic after polymerization, because there are no volatile organic solvents, no shrinkage, and has a high maintainability.

Modern capabilities and high technology of our materials expand the range of applications and guarantee reliable protection of any of your surface.

Our experts will answer all your questions, advice and help you choose the best option for you.

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