Waterproofing needed!

Any building in continuous contact with not only moisture, but also with environmental exposure, UV radiation, temperature changes, mechanical and chemical damage and wear.

The Alchimica plant systems are forward innovative developments in the field of construction chemicals, modern technologies and high-quality waterproofing materials from polyurethane.

Designed taking into account a large number of factors that affect the surface of the roof, foundation, parking, stadiums, swimming pools and bridges. Easy to handle and operate, non-toxic and without volatile impurities, there is no shrinkage after application, reliable and with a long service life (warranty for 25 years).

A wide range of materials allows you to choose the best option for your surface, the tasks that you assign to it, and the design features, material and condition.

Using materials from the Alchimica plant, you get a reliable seamless surface that reliably protects against wear, is resistant to weathering, with good waterproofing, high adhesion and elasticity.

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