Seams and cracks, this is the first things that need to fix in any surface and construction that to protect it from further destruction. Also, sealing of seams is an important stage in the complex work with materials of the ALCHIMICA plant and surface coating with the HYPERDESMO systems, which further serve to waterproof the roof, foundation, roofing, terrace, etc. 

ALCHIMICA is a leading manufacturer of one- and two-component polyurethane sealants HYPERSEAL. Our sealants combine polyurethane and silylated polyurethane technology. As a result, we get a universal sealant, which combines the excellent mechanical properties of a polyurethane sealant with ease of application and non-toxicity of silylated polyurethanes. In comparison with other analogues, HYPERSEAL sealants have excellent adhesion in the early stages of setting, even on substrates traditionally problematic for polyurethane sealants, such as aluminum, steel, polycarbonate, etc. The range of sealants ALCHIMICA consists of several varieties. Single-component low-modular sealants suitable for applying flame retardant for building and expansion joints, one-component high-modulus and quick-hardening sealants suitable for applying flame retardant to floor joints, and finally two-component sealants suitable for pouring suitable and strongly recommended for sealing joints on the sidewalk, aprons of airports and runways. Each type of sealant is unique in its own way. HYPERSEAL ® -EXPERT-150 is a new low-modular sealant specifically designed to ensure bubble-free curing even at very high temperatures and humidity. The product exhibits excellent thixotropic, which allows it to use even in very large expansion joints. It hardens due a reaction with atmospheric humidity with the formation of a sealant for joints with an accommodation factor at 50% joint motion and excellent adhesion. Extrusion speed and the tools for sealant remain unchanged over a very wide range of temperatures and humidity conditions.

 HYPERSEAL-50FC-S and – this is a sealant for seams with fast solidification. An all-purpose adhesive specially developed for use with polyurethane and silylated polyurethane technology, thanks to which we have a sealant, which has the best properties of both technologies. We modified the material to impart improved thixotropic properties. 

HYPERSEAL-50V-FC is a fast-curing adhesive with characteristics similar to HYPERSEAL-50FC-S, but designed in order to apply for direct glazing. The specified material quickly hardens due to the reaction with atmospheric humidity with the formation of a sealant with excellent adhesion in the early stages of setting.

HYPERSEAL-25LM-S is a low modulus sealant of the new generation for sealing and re-closing joints, as well predecessors, designed for use with polyurethane and silylated polyurethane technology and modified to impart improved thixotropic properties. In addition, a sealant suitable for jointing we modified so that the extrusion profile was identical to the hybrid technology of PU or MS. The extrusion rate and equipment of the sealant remain unchanged in a very wide range of temperatures and humidity conditions. Resistant to ultraviolet radiation. After polymerization, HYPERSEAL-25LM-S is completely non-toxic even when in contact with drinking water and is subject to staining.

Some tips for use. The surfaces on which the product is applied must be dry, chemically neutral, free from damage, clean, free of dust, rust or loose particles. Open and clean seams from mechanical and organic contamination. With a porous, weak or broken base, should use a suitable primer. Do not use chemically aggressive methods to clean the base. We apply the material manually with a mechanical or pneumatic construction gun, or with a spatula. The thickness of the seam filling is regulating by a polyethylene foam (polystyrene foam) hardness of suitable diameter. The optimal depth of the seam filling -3-5mm.

Tool cleaning should carry through with xylene or solvents 646,647,648 immediately after use. The rollers are not subject to clean up, so do not even try to wash them. Nevertheless, apparently, this is the only minus of use of the sealants. In all other respects, sealing of seams is only advantages that we cannot list. If you have any questions, call the specified phone numbers and get a full consultation.

Used keys:

  • roof waterproofing,
  • foundation waterproofing,
  • roof waterproofing,
  • waterproofing of the terrace;

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