To the question of external waterproofing of premises certainly, we need to approach with full responsibility. Nonetheless, when it comes to internal waterproofing, here it is necessary to take into account completely different features, both during operation and with further use of the surface that had processed with waterproofing materials. One of the most important points in internal r work is the lack of good ventilation of the premises. For example, if it is necessary to conduct a liquid waterproofing of the surface under the tile in the bathroom, then, as a rule, this implies the construction work in a small room with sufficiently high moisture and at the same time limited intake of fresh air. Plant ALCHIMICA produces various types of waterproofing liquid rubber, depending on the purpose of use of the materials. If you need to treat the floor surface, here the best helper will be liquid rubber HYPERFLOOR, which consists of two components that do not have volatile organic solvents, so the seamless cover we can use in closed spaces. The range of protective paints and varnishes ALCHIMICA find wider application in waterproofing and flooring suiting coverings. Protective paints of this manufacturer provide, if necessary, excellent color maintenance and excellent chemical resistance. They are a part of the ALCHIMICA complex systems, which include priming and basic membranes, and during the application, they significantly increase the service life of the systems, providing excellent adhesion to the main membranes and maximum protection. HYPERDESMO products are commonly in different countries of the world for repair and waterproofing. An example of consumer confidence in HYPERDESMO is the internal work in 2008 for the repair of the Kremlin in Russia. In Portugal, for waterproofing of the floor service station ALFA ROMEO in Lisbon, they used AQUADUR epoxy primer, two-component elastic self-leveling polyurethane floor covering HYPERFLOOR-2K, and two-component polyurethane framework based on dye without solvent HYPERDESMO-D-2K. The same materials people have used for waterproofing underground parking in Spain. In all these projects, HYPERDESMO they have chosen among many other solutions for its remarkable quality and performance. About 25 years after its first export, the scale of ALCHIMICA overcomes the barrier of 100 countries of the world. Thousands projects on five continents have been completed with using HYPERDESMO products and other innovative polyurethane films designed for comfortable and high-quality use by the end user. 

Keys: Internal waterproofing, liquid waterproofing, polyurethane flooring

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