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Protection and waterproofing of tile and stone

HYPERDESMO systems have proven to be more than 100 countries of the world as reliable, professional, correct and cost-effective waterproofing for various areas. HYPERDESMO systems have proven more than 100 countries of the world as reliable, professional, correct and cost-effective waterproofing for various areas. HYPERDESMO achievements measure thirty years of successful application on concrete surfaces, reinforced concrete, metal structures, mosaics, tile, stone, etc. 

The range of protective and varnish varnishes ALCHIMICA we use in waterproofing and protective purposes. . The paints and varnishes from this manufacturer provide excellent color protection, high resistance to friction against circulation and excellent chemical resistance. They are part of the ALCHIMICA complex systems, which include primers and basic membranes, and when they applying significantly increase the service life of the systems, providing excellent adhesion to the main membranes and maximum protection.

Protective varnishes HYPERDESMO have several advantages:


Have waterproofing and anti-slip properties;

Resistant to abrasion and impact;

Have excellent adhesion to all building surfaces;

All materials are ready to use, very easy to use and do not require expensive equipment.

Among the materials used for the protection and waterproofing of tile and stone coatings can be distinguished:

HYPERDESMO-T. Single component lacquer based on flexible aliphatic polyurethane resins and UV filters with a high content of solids. It polymerizes under the influence of humid air, forming transparent absolutely and durable elastic seamless coating with extremely high resistance to UV radiation, like many products of this manufacturer. It does not turn yellow and does not discolor under the influence of the sun. It has excellent resistance to weather conditions, chemicals, mechanical and thermal effects. HYPERDESMO-T does not cause the formation of bubbles, so you can apply in one layer.

PRIMER-T. This product is a one-component transparent material specifically designed to improve the adhesion of HYPERDESMO-T to non-porous substrates. In addition to HYPERDESMO-T, we can use in any HYPERDESMO production line. Chemically, PRIMER-T consists of organic silences and special additives that optimize substrate wetting in a solvent mixture. PRIMER-T dries quickly, after 10-15 minutes the substrate is ready for use. It cures under the influence of air humidity.

Among the proposed choice of products from the manufacturer ALCHIMICA, you always will find the ideal solution to protect any object that needs waterproofing.

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