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Advantages and disadvantages of polyurethane waterproofing materials

The main target of any type of waterproofing is to protect erected or ready-made structures for various purposes from moisture and water penetration. Thanks to waterproofing increases the reliability of construction projects, which in turn helps save money on the restoration or repair of public and residential buildings damaged by the above factors. 

Finding the perfect waterproofing, which includes durability, efficiency and good adhesion to any surface is a very serious task for manufacturers. Some areas of buildings, such as the roof, roofing or foundation are more susceptible to external influences and need waterproofing, taking into account their features. Modern polyurethane waterproofing materials provide long-term protection and have several advantages:

  • optimum level of elasticity;
  • the required thickness of the application layer is only 2 mm;
  • formation of a continuous seamless coating on a large surface or spot embedding of small areas;
  • the possibility of applying to any surface;
  • the minimum period of readiness for operation after applying;
  • the weight of the material after curing is minimal, so we can use it on lightweight structures;
  • high resistance to UV radiation, as well optimal resistance to almost any external negative impact;
  • the possibility of self-application;
  • a large selection of special materials for any coatings, including those with decorative qualities;
  • long service life (25-50 years);
  • further their restoration remains simple and economical, since complete removal of the material is not required;
  • we can apply to an existing waterproofing system.

Does it sound perfect? Yet there are several disadvantages of using this type of waterproofing:

  • Many manufacturers of polyurethane waterproofing materials recommend applying the product to the surface in more than one layer. This can be problematic, since more need more labor and weather conditions cannot allow always to withstand several days before applying the second layer. Therefore, there is a possibility that the remaining moisture on the first layer may lead to the formation of bubbles between the layers;
  • climate influence on the rate of polymerization. In conditions of low temperature and / or low humidity polymerization has been delayed, and in extreme northern climatic conditions, the application should limit to several months a year;
  • The quality of the material directly depends on the correctly selected polyurethane system, corresponding to the further use.

Is it possible to eliminate these limitations without changing the final performance of the material? The answer is yes! Using products ALCHIMICA family HYPERDESMO you can solve these problems! Constant research and development of the company allowed us to create a product that combines several successfully proven components on the market. HYPERDESMO-HAA is a unique, single-component polyurethane waterproofing based on the combination of the traditional HYPERDESMO coating and the ACCELERATOR 3000 polymerization accelerator in an inactive form. Due to the interaction of these components, a membrane forms without defects, with excellent mechanical properties and excellent adhesion to various surfaces. This product is ideal for use in winter. In addition, the fact that due to its composition HYPERDESMO-HAA achieves effectiveness when using in a single layer, reduces labor costs and eliminates the aforementioned disadvantages.

Regarding the last item, to avoid problems in the future, we advise you to consult with specialists at the planning stage. Turning to our company, you will receive highly qualified consultation on each individual case, taking into account the type of surface and the prevailing conditions that provide long-term protection from natural phenomena. Plant ALCHIMICA offers polyurethane waterproofing materials for various uses that meet the above specifications. The choice of products allows you to achieve perfect waterproofing of any surface, from underground walls and foundations to highways and bridges, and of course for waterproofing the surface of your home. In ALCHIMICA, you will find exactly what you need!


– waterproofing of the roof,

– waterproofing of the base,

– liquid waterproofing,

– roof waterproofing,- seamless coating.

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