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During the planning of a new building, it is very important to take care of the reliability of the foundation. This is a prop, foundation, the main load-bearing part of any structure. The construction of the foundation takes about 15-20% of the total value of the house. At the time, you will spend about 1-3% on waterproofing the foundation. But this particular amount that can play the main role in the operational qualities of the building and its durability. If in unpleasant: wet walls, the development of fungus dangerous to human health, violation of the aesthetic appearance, and as a result, the investment of substantially large amounts in the future for restoration.

Let us stop a little more detailed on the interconnections of concrete and moisture. There is a variety of micropores on the surface of the concrete. When laying the foundations, we lay it deep enough, after which the concrete always is in contactly with the groundwater, and with a shallow strip foundation with atmospheric precipitation. Especially in the winter, the ingress of moisture into the micropores is extremely dangerous. When freezing, the water increases in volume, the pores of the strongest monolithic structure are broken and gradually minimal fractures in the pores lead the foundation to an emergency condition. Today there are several types of protection of the foundation from moisture:

  • penetrating waterproofing;
  • plastering waterproofing;
  • injection painting or painting waterproofing;
  • pasting waterproofing.

Despite the widest range of moisture-proofing materials on the market, polyurethane-based mastic from ALCHIMICA is one of the best quality waterproofing options. Mastic waterproofing is one of the most durable options for protection against water. For example, some of the types of waterproofing give a guarantee of the quality of their product for only 5-10 years. It is also quite a budget option in comparison with analogues. Some materials pasting waterproofing vulnerable to rots at a permanent contact with water.

 In systems mastic waterproofing ALCHIMICA we use modern high-quality mastic. After application to the base surface, the mastic will polymerize, forming a durable, elastic, seamless coating with high mechanical, waterproofing and performance characteristics. They we can use on the outer vertical surfaces of the foundations, on the base plates of the fundamental structures, too.

Among the main advantages of mastic based on polyurethane are the following:

  • easily apply to the surface of any shape;
  • possess high adhesion to the majority of building materials;
  • the possibility of operation at permanent contact with groundwater;
  • chemically resistant, not susceptible to biological effects;
  • resistant to impact. 

An important advantage of the proposed systems is the implementation of fully glued waterproofing coatings with high adhesion at the base. This eliminates the possibility of the water spreading under the coating in the event of mechanical damage during the performance of work or operation and localizes the places of possible grooves, which greatly facilitates the performance of repair work after filling the foundation.

The main materials used for waterproofing the foundation include:

Mastic HYPERDESMO. Single-component polyurethane mastic for waterproofing and corrosion protection. Single component liquid material based on pure elastic water repellent polyurethane resins. After application, it polymerizes under the action of air humidity, forming a highly elastic durable waterproofing coating. Resistant to UV radiation.

Mastic HYPERDESMO®-H.A.A. Unique polyurethane mastic for reliable waterproofing and protection. Based on the perfect combination of Hyperdesmo and Accelerator-3000A (a liquid that accelerates the polymerization of mastics), which makes it possible to apply mastic in thicker layers without the formation of bubbles, also accelerates the polymerization process. It quickly polymerizes without the formation of internal membrane defects with excellent physic mechanical and operational abilities.

In addition, to achieve the minimum required thickness of the waterproofing membrane, we can apply with fewer layers, which reduces labor costs.

Mastic HYPERDESMO®-PB-2K. Two-component mastic based on pure elastic hydrophobic polyurethane resins mixed with chemically polymerized pure bitumen. After mixing, the components and applying it will polymerize, forming a seamless durable waterproofing coating with an exceptionally high elasticity (> 2000%) and with strong adhesion to many types of surfaces. Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance, UV resistant. Mastic contains a small percentage of xylene, so if necessary, we can further dilute with it.

UNIVERSAL PRIMER-2K-4060 soil. A two-component polyurethane quickly polymerize soil, free of toxic volatile organic substances and solvents, which developed for application to dry or wet concrete or other bases. We use it for products of the HYPERDESMO system and other polyurethane coatings produced by ALCHIMICA. Provides reliable adhesion of polyurethane coatings with the base.

Primer MICROSEALER-PU. It is a single component, consisting of 100% solid particles, polyurethane primer, ideal for almost any base. The material has a low viscosity and excellent impregnating properties, ideal for wet or dry concrete. Moreover, this product is ideally suited for either porous and non-porous smooth surfaces, such as glass, polished aluminum or metal surfaces. It has excellent mechanical properties and high elasticity – the elongation of the film is 400%, which is comparable with the product line HYPERDESMO, and the tensile strength is more than 20 N / mm2. It can use on wet or “green” concrete, not only as a primer, but also as an impregnation, giving concrete extraordinary durability.

Primer AQUUADUR. A two-component water emulsion epoxy waterborne primer. The product does not contain volatile organic solvents.

If you still have doubts about the importance of proper waterproofing from water, then remember that the slightest technological errors in the construction over time can destroy the foundation, and all construction with it. If you are planning a capital structure that will serve you until the end of life – perform high-quality waterproofing base.


– waterproofing of the roof,

– waterproofing of the base,

– liquid waterproofing,

– roof waterproofing,

– seamless coating.

– waterproofing foundations

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