Over the past decades, the technology of the structure of bridge pavements, racks, parking lots and stadiums has changed hard enough. The increase in the number of cars and the increased demands on the quality of the construction sets all new tasks for developers and builders, where the old methods become powerless. Only thanks the use of modern technologies and materials is it possible to create a perfect seamless coating that can evenly cover the surface and guarantee durability. An important role in the protection of bridge structures, racks, parking lots and stadiums belongs to the waterproofing coating, since the transport facilities have no more dangerous enemy than moisture. In addition, this is relevant for any structures: both widely used reinforced concrete and metal.

The choice of high-quality modern waterproofing can reduce static loads, extend the life of facilities and extend the service life of the exploited surface. The HYPERDESMO system is a complex of waterproofing and protection based on liquid, elastomeric, hydrophobic polyurethane resins with high mechanical and chemical properties. The use of materials HYPERDESMO allows not only to protect against the damaging effects of water and other corrosive environments, but also to achieve a budget option for construction with a minimum weight of the span structure, as there is no need to use concrete protective and leveling layers.

The use of waterproofing treatment of various surfaces, especially transport facilities, using waterproofing liquid rubber HYPERDESMO is a number of pros and advantages:

The use of waterproofing treatment of various surfaces, especially transport facilities, using waterproofing liquid rubber HYPERDESMO is a number of advantages and advantages:


Excellent adhesion to all types of surfaces, without requiring special priming;

Excellent resistance to thermal effects; hot asphalt we can stow on the waterproofing coating;

Resistance to low temperatures: the coating remains elastic up to 60 ° C;

Excellent mechanical properties, high elasticity and resistance to tearing;

Material cures without shrinkage;

Good chemical resistance;

After polymerization, the material is non-toxic;

Waterproofing durability – at least 25 years.

In addition, one of the most important advantages of using liquid rubber is ease of use. Any additional device or equipment do not require. Materials we put on a dry clean surface in the order according to the instructions. 

UNIVERSALPRIMER-2K-4060 is a two-component, solvent-free polyurethane primer for HYPERDESMO system products and other polyurethane coatings manufactured by ALCHIMICA.

Primer MICROSEALER-PU – is a single component, consisting of 100% particulate matter, polyurethane primer, ideal for any basic. The material has a low viscosity and excellent impregnating properties, ideal for wet or dry concrete. Moreover, the material is ideally suited for either porous and non-porous smooth surfaces, such as glass, polished aluminum or metal surfaces. MICROSEALER-PU has excellent mechanical properties and high elasticity – film elongation is 400%, which is comparable to the product line HYPERDESMO, and tensile gap is more than 20 N / mm2. MICROSEALER-PU we can use on wet or “green” concrete, not only as a primer, but also as an impregnation, giving concrete extraordinary durability.

HYPERDESMO-H.A.A.A., HYPERDESMO mastic is a one-component liquid mastic based on pure elastic water-repellent polyurethane resins. After application, they polymerize under the action of air humidity, forming a highly elastic durable waterproofing coating.

HYPERDESMO-PB-2K mastic is a two-component polyurethane-modified asphalt-based waterproofing membrane. 

HYPERSEAL Sealant is a one-component paste-like material based on polyurethane. We can use in direct contact with drinking water and food. For exterior and interior work. It has improved adhesion to materials traditionally problematic – glass, aluminum, polycarbonate and other plastics.

HYPERDESMO-D paint is a one-component liquid material based on flexible polyurethane resins. To preserve color, the top layer should protect with a layer of HYPERDESMO-ADY-E (pigmented).

After the applying of HYPERDESMO and MICROSEALER, while the primer is still tacky, it pours quartz sand onto the surface. The sand should has a good quality and be dry, fraction of 1.6 … 2.0 mm. After solidification of MICROSEALER, the excess sand should remove and apply a second layer of MICROSEALER.

 Years of experience in the direction of waterproofing bridges, racks, parking lots and stadiums proved that the products of the ALCHIMICA people can rust plant. Among the main projects with the use of materials ALCHIMICA were a number of historical and famous buildings.

HYPERDESMO people used to waterproof the Attic Odos Bridge in Athens!

KRK Bridge in Croatia people seal with ALCHIMICA products during maintenance work. UNIVERSAL – PRIMER – 2K – 4060 fast-setting primer people applied on old concrete. Sealing people completed using HYPERDESMO-PB-2K. Then we used a new asphalt surface. 

The HYPERDESMO system they used in February-March 2016 for waterproofing and protection of the Viaducto Bridge to Maran in Portugal. The bridge is part of the A4 motorway, the third largest in the country, connecting Porto with the Spanish border.

The stadium of the Panathinaikos Athens football club people restored using the ALCHIMICA coverage system. Materials used: Primer MICROSEALER-50, mastic HYPERSEAL-25LM-S, polyurethane-insulating material HYPERDESMO and the top layer HYPERDESMO-ADY-E.

And this is not all projects that we are proud of.

The use of old methods of waterproofing structures will lead to the inevitable costly repair. Using the latest waterproofing technology systems HYPERDESMO – a guarantee of durability and quality. We are ready confidently

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